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Tourist Info - Vathy, Samos

The town of Vathy, which is divided in the Upper and Lower town (Ano Vathy and Kato Vathy respectively), is the modern capital of the island of Samos. The island is noted for its rich ancient past that has been recognized by its inclusion in the World Heritage List on account of the sites of Pythagoreion (the ancient polis) and the sanctuary of Hera, the Heraion. The vivid architecture of Ano Vathy combines pre-existing local typologies with elements of Ottoman architecture. After Samos became an Autonomous Principality with its own institutions and an extrovert economy (mid-19thc.), attention switched to the hitherto insignificant port of Kato Vathy, which was embellished with both public and private buildings, designed according to the principles of neoclassicism. Today, this interesting architectural dipole of traditional/oriental Ano Vathy perched on the hills, and neoclassical/western Kato Vathy on the seaside, offers an interesting glimpse of the shifting historical circumstances and cultural patterns in the Eastern Mediterranean in the advent of modernity.

samos_1 | Town Hall, former “House of Samos Parliament” | Town Hall Square, Vathi

samos_2 | Pythagorion Gymnasium | Vathi

samos_3 | Old Archaeological Museum, former “Paschalion Museum and Library – Archive” | Town Hall Square

samos_4 | Holy Temple of Agios Spyridon | Square of Ag. Spyridon

samos_5 | Courthouse | Themistokli Sofouli

samos_6 | National Bank of Greece | Coastal front, Themistokli Sofouli street

samos_7 | Catholic Church of the Transfiguration of the Virgin, “Frankish Church”| Themistokli Sofouli str.

samos_8 | Church of St. Nicholas

samos_9 | Themistokli Sofouli

samos_10 | former “Stefanou Tobacco Warehouse” | Pythagoras Square