Tourist Info - Corfu

The Old Town of Corfu lies at the extreme North Western end of Greece. However, in its past, it had been for centuries part of the Most Serene Republic of Venice (15th-18thc.), as well as part of the British Empire (19thc.). This legacy has endowed it with an invaluable architectural heritage of Western influence that is still admired today. Its massive Venetian fortifications helped it withstand numerous sieges, making it arguably one of the fewareaswithin the territory of Greece, never to have been occupiedby the Ottomans. Within these protective and restrictive walls, the residential architecture of Corfu had to make use of allavailable land, leading to dense, multistory buildings, with a unique character.The town’s buildings are a rare example of a style of architecture that developed in Greece, thatwas directly dependent on contemporarywestern standards, the Renaissance and Baroque stylesand progressedsmoothly and without abrupt discontinuations to Neoclassicism. Its churches with their mixed style are yet another manifestation of the coexistence of the local Greek Orthodox population with their western European rulers.

Urb_010 | Consulate of the Netherlands in Corfu | 8-10-12 Moustoxidou str., 49100, Corfu, 49100

Gj46 | Beqiri house | Rruga Mufit Reso,NR,Dunavat

Urb_012 | Ricci mansion | 15 Moustoxidou str., Corfu, 49100

Urb_013 | Serbian Museum of Corfu | Moustoxidou 19 & Ioniou Voulis

Urb_014 | Ionian Parliameny | Moustoxidou str.& Napoleontos Zambeli str. & Ioniou Voulis str., Corfu, 49100

Urb_015 | Private building | 20-22 Evgeniou Voulvareos str. Corfu, 49100

Urb_017 | Kantoni mansion | 36 Kapodistriou str., Corfu, 49100

Urb_022 | Philharmonic Society of Corfu | 10 Nikiforou Theotoki str., Corfu, 49100

Urb_023 | Corfu Epirus Association | 24-26 Nikiforou Theotoki str., Corfu, 49100

Urb_011 | Private building | 10 Gkilford str. & Zalogou str. & 11 Mavili str., Corfu, 49100